twitter feed

Each day you get thousands of content items from the feeds you subscribe to

You go over them one by one, waiting for the ones you want to read.

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That's just fine if you have all the time in the world

Or just looking for some entertainment, totally not caring that some hidden item in your feeds contains information that could change your life.


What if you could browse through your feeds just as you shop in your supermarket?

After a few times, your mind will learn how things are organized, so you’ll be able to find & discover the information you want in seconds, without missing a thing.

Hey, welcome to our project

  • Prior to the Web, information & data was available in files & databases, located on specific computers & networks, but it was extremely difficult to access it
  • The Web introduced an access layer - a uniform standard way to access any information & data from files & databases around the world
  • The problem is that although we now have access to tons of valuable information & data, we only have time for consuming a tiny fraction of the data we subscribe to, & therefore only making a tiny fraction of its potential value
  • The reason for this is simple: the Web may have solved the problem of accessing data & information, but it didn't provide any help with processing & aggregating the information & data, or an interface to consume it effectively
  • The Web Wide Matrix is an abstraction layer over the Web, that tries to solve this problem using:
    1. A new uniform way to access information & data
    2. A mechanism for easily processing & aggregating data
    3. An interface for effectively consuming information & data