Web Wide Matrix introduction for developers


The Wed-Wide-Matrix is a non-profit open-source initiative. Our goal is to fix the problem of information overload by introducing a new medium for effectively consuming information, powered by a new processing layer over the web.

The technology bits for processing content feeds into easily consumable organized spaces already exist today, but we need a common abstraction to tie them all together into an effective & ubiquitous solution.

How does it work?

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Architecture overview

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The team

We’re currently a small team of engineers, based in the Boston area, but hoping to grow into a global open-source organization. This organization will define the specs of the Web-Wide-Matrix & deliver the initial frameworks & implementations.

Our roadmap


We’re currently working on a proof-of-concept of the Matrix cloud & hovercraft.

Join us

We’re currently looking for engineers (Python, Elixir & Unity3D), architects & artists to join our core team. Join us to help solve the problem of information-overload & impact the lives of millions of people.